Donor Egg IVF

by | February 28th, 2013

-Egg Donation and You- You have always wanted a child.  It is as simple as that.  You always knew that you wanted to become a parent.  You wanted to teach life lessons to a kid of your own.  You wanted to comfort your child when she became upset. But trying to conceive has made those

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Anovulation Symptoms, Treatments, and Remedies

by | January 30th, 2013

Anovulation and You You have always wanted a baby of your own to hold in your arms.  A child that you could love and teach the wonders of the world.  For as long as you can remember, you have wanted to be a parent, but for some reason, it does not seem like the pieces

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What Is Gestational Surrogacy?

by | December 30th, 2012

–Why Should You Consider Gestational Surrogacy?– Every time you walk to the grocery store, you always pass by the community park.  There are always kids running around the playground, swinging from the monkey bars, and chasing after each other.  You see the parents watching their children from a distance, smiling as their children live in

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5 Things You Don’t Know about Egg Donation

by | November 30th, 2012

Egg Donation and Your Family Ever since you were a child, you knew that you were going to have a large family.  You would always ‘play house’ and you would always have two daughters and two sons.  It was just the way that it was supposed to be in your household—plenty of kids and love

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My Frozen Embryos Crashed….Talk to me, Doctor!!

by | January 25th, 2012

Familiar scenario: High on hopes and hormones, emotionally and physically prepared for frozen embryo transfer and just about to leave home for this aniticpated procedure, the patient receives the dreaded call from an IVF center staff-person: “Your embryos didn’t make it. There will be no transfer. Stop your meds. Call with a period. Sorry.” And

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Infertility: Holiday Havoc……Another Perspective

by | November 23rd, 2011

The year-end holiday season can be particularly trying for people struggling with infertility. While dealing with infertility is stressful enough, the holidays can make it more so. Come mid-November we are supposed to feel jovial and gregarious, charitable and magnanimous. The holidays are times for large family gatherings and reunions with friends. But so many

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IVF Stress – or – You Might Think I’m Delerious

by | November 2nd, 2011

For the most part the only people who get pregnant without stress are those who conceive without knowing it. Given the inefficiency of the human species at reproduction it’s amazing that anyone does get pregnant -and even more amazing that any of us are here at all. Of course when a woman wants to have

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Pregnancy After Menopause: Fantasy – Yes, Crazy – No, We Can Make it Happen…

by | October 11th, 2011

Ronny Cammareri: …why didn’t you wait for the right man…? Loretta Castorini: He didn’t come! Ronny Cammareri: I’m here! Loretta Castorini: You’re late! Moonstruck (1987) MGM So the love of your life came too late and your last period came too early. Pregnancy,then,must be out of the question? Not so. With the use of donor

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Almost Pregnant: IVF Illusion

by | September 23rd, 2011

“This time we almost made it”(But we didn’t so we’re going to try again.) Once the sadness and anger over a failed IVF cycle have been addressed it is not uncommon for the disappointed couple to want to begin a new treatment cycle with the onset of the next “Day One”.In part this is a

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Eggs, Sperm….Magic!?

by | August 11th, 2011

“Will you make me some magic with your own two hands? Can you build an emerald city with these grains of sand? Can you give me something I can take home? These are pointed questions fueled by strong desires; originally penned by Meat Loaf but paraphrased by just about every patient who comes in here

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