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North Hudson IVF keeps the lines of communication open, and encourages a productive and personal dialogue between doctor and patient. If you are new to our fertility center, or an existing client pursuing treatment, we want to hear from you.

Founded by Dr. Jane Miller, board certified reproductive endocrinologist, North Hudson IVF pairs a leading fertility specialist with a highly skilled IVF lab director, Dr. T. Timothy Smith, Ph.D, to achieve exceptional results. The practice specializes in restoring reproductive health with basic and advanced reproductive technologies: intrauterine insemination, in vitro fertilization, donor services and IVF lab techniques such as ICSI, PGS/PGD and genetic testing. We provide a welcoming and peaceful respite from the stresses of infertility in our northern New Jersey fertility center, located in Bergen County at 385 Sylvan Avenue in Englewood Cliffs. Contact us at (201) 871-1999 or via email.

A Pledge from our Fertility Center Directors

Your peace of mind drives us to perfect the art of communication at our New Jersey fertility center. In nearly every situation, Dr. Jane Miller will personally return phone calls related to treatment questions and fertility test results. Equally responsive and invested in your success, Dr. T. Timothy Smith, Ph.D, returns calls related to male fertility testing. In cycle patients can feel free to page Dr. Smith with medical questions, and rely on our patient liaisons to consistently provide responsive and compassionate interactions.

Thank you for your interest in our New Jersey fertility center, where everyday innovations impact a lifetime for families.


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