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You feel like you have tried everything.  You have visited infertility clinics, tried rounds of IVF, and even followed the most popular old wives’ tales.  It seems like you have tried everything to create a family, but nothing seems to work.

Dr. Miller can help you to bring the joy of a child into your life.  While Dr. Miller specializes in a wide variety of infertility treatments, she also helps find surrogates for couples trying to conceive.

Through this blog, you will learn all about surrogacy and find out more information about why it might be a good fit for you.  Parenthood is still an option for you—learn how North Hudson IVF can make it a possibility.

What Is Surrogacy?

Gestational surrogacy is for women who have difficulty with implantation of embryos or who cannot carry a pregnancy to full-term.  With gestational surrogacy, couples may use IVF with their own eggs, or can choose to use donor eggs.  Sperm can also be from the couple, or can be from a donor.  The combination of eggs and sperm are used to created embryos, which are implanted into a surrogate.  The surrogate then carries the pregnancy until the child is born.

Gestational surrogacy allows couples the ability to conceive a child from their own eggs and sperm when reaching full term pregnancy appears to be a major concern.  Dr. Miller will explain all of the legalities that are involved with surrogacy, and will also consult with you about how to find the right gestational surrogate for your own familial needs.

During an initial consultation, Dr. Miller will explain all of your infertility treatment options and find out if gestational surrogacy could be a good fit for you.  She will explain the process of finding a surrogate, the IVF procedures that are associated with the surrogacy procedure, and the legal action required.

With Dr. Miller, you be assured that you will have a complete picture about what gestational surrogacy entails so that you can feel comfortable with the entire process.

Find Out More about Gestational Surrogacy

If you think that surrogacy might be a good fit for you, or if you just have more questions about the process, do not hesitate to contact Dr. Jane Miller.  Our North Hudson team will answer all of your questions regarding gestational surrogacy and can help you understand if surrogacy is a good option for you.

Dr. Jane Miller is dedicated to helping couples achieve their ultimate goal of parenthood.  To learn more about how she can help you bring a child into your life, contact the North Hudson IVF team today.

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