PGD for Family Balancing at our New Jersey Fertility Center

Since the first IVF birth in 1978, emergent laboratory techniques have led to improved IVF success rates and innovative applications. One such advance involves the ability to biopsy an embryo prior to transfer in an IVF cycle. Our New Jersey fertility center performs preimplantation genetic diagnosis, PGD, in our fully accredited IVF lab, under the experienced direction of T. Timothy Smith, Ph.D.

Gender selection for family balancing is one application for PGD testing.With PGD, embryologists remove one to two cells from a developing embryo using a thin pipette. Extensive studies have shown that PGD, a prenatal diagnosis technique, does not affect the viability of the embryo or long-term health of the baby. In this early stage of development, the cells that we collect contain genetic information identical to the cells left in tact. Parents can then use PGD results o make informed choices prior to conception.

Comprehensive Fertility Services include Family Balancing

Some couples feel strongly about having a boy to balance their family of girls, or the reverse may be true. When we examine an embryo’s chromosomal makeup, the sex of the baby becomes clear: XX or XY. When stipulated, our New Jersey fertility center physicians will only transfer the embryos of the desired sex, therefore providing certainty that no other family balancing method can duplicate.

Dr. Jane Miller, a board certified reproductive endocrinologist, directs fertility treatment cycles at our New Jersey fertility center. Family balancing always involves in vitro fertilization, so we encourage parents considering this option to review our IVF section of the North Hudson IVF website to learn more about the procedure.

An Overview of IVF with Gender Selection for Family Balancing

The female partner will begin with testing to ensure overall health and baseline hormone levels. We will order a semen analysis for the male partner. The results determine the IVF protocol, which typically proceeds in this order:

Ovarian stimulation. Dr. Miller will prescribe fertility medication to stimulate egg production, and then carefully monitor development via ultrasound at our New Jersey fertility center.

Sperm collection. You will arrange for a time to leave a sperm specimen at our fertility clinic.

Egg retrieval. We will schedule a time to surgically remove and then grade mature eggs. The 30-minute procedure takes place while the patient is under general anesthesia in our surgical suite.

Fertilization. The IVF lab combines washed sperm and good quality eggs to create embryos.

PGD. On Day 5, we preform embryo biopsy on trophectoderm cells that surround the the blastocyst stage embryos. These cells are sent for sex chromosome analysis as well as analysis of the 23 paired autosomal chromosomes. This is a safe procedure and the stem cells (which make the baby) are not biopsied and therefore not harmed.

Embryo transfer. You will return to our New Jersey fertility center for the embryo transfer stage of IVF. This in-office procedure is similar to IUI and only involves a thin catheter that Dr. Miller guides by ultrasound.

Choosing the gender of your baby can also help reassure couples with a family history of sex-linked genetic disease. Examples of X-linked genetic diseases include hemophilia and Fragile-X syndrome.

Family balancing can provide you with options for building the family that you desire. Contact our New Jersey fertility center to learn about the IVF process that includes PGD for family balancing.


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