Ways to Improve Fertility

Simple Ways to Improve Fertility

11603654_mlYou have been trying to start a family for quite some time now.  Every time you head to the store, you see some baby item that tugs at your heartstrings.  All you want is for a child of your own to cradle in your arms, and it seems like that dream keeps slipping further and further away from reality.

If you have had difficulties trying to conceive, Dr. Jane Miller and North Hudson IVF are here to help.  Dr. Miller has countless years of experience and can help you understand

Fertility and You

During a consultation with Dr. Jane Miller, she will consult with you to help you understand which infertility factors could be affecting you. From analysis of these factors, Dr. Miller will be able to work with you to find which procedures or services could best suit your individual needs.

In addition, Dr. Miller has these helpful tips to boost fertility:

  • Limit coffee and alcohol—too much coffee or alcohol can be associated with reduced fertility, so monitor your consumption and do not drink in excess.
  • Stop smoking—this tip applies to both men and women.  Smoking impairs fertility in addition to other long-term health risks.
  • Avoid pesticides—certain pesticides can affect both men’s and women’s fertility, so avoid solvents and toxins to ensure your fertility is maintained.
  • Weight Control—for a woman, being overweight or underweight can be detrimental to fertility.  During a consultation, Dr. Miller can help you determine if weight may be an issue that needs to be addressed.

While these tips may be helpful, Dr. Miller will work with you to evaluate your personal goals with fertility.  Contact us to learn about which services may best benefit you, and help you create your family.

Learn More about Improving Fertility

To learn more about ways that you can improve your fertility, do not hesitate to contact Dr. Jane Miller.  Dr. Miller will answer all of your questions about infertility and treatment methods, and offer you advice on what methods may work best for you.  With Dr. Miller and her team, you can rest assured that you are working with a doctor who cares about your health and wellness during the entire process.

At North Hudson IVF, we combine excellent patient care with excellent services.  We understand how difficult the process can be, and are here to help make your dreams of family into reality. Find out more about North Hudson IVF and our team of fertility experts today.



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