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Our New Jersey Infertility Center Offers Comprehensive LGBT Fertility Options

When you feel ready to start a family, our welcoming infertility center can help make those dreams a reality. Advanced reproductive technologies and basic fertility treatment services bridge the gap for gay and lesbian individuals and couples. Our world-renowned fertility specialist, Dr. Jane Miller, opens doors to all of the wonderful possibilities for family building with LGBT fertility options.

As you begin this journey, you will hear some familiar acronyms–IVF and IUI–and some that may need some further explanation, such as ICSI for male infertility and PGD for sex selection. Your physician and our New Jersey infertility center team will guide you through the decision-making process with kindness and professionalism.

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Celebrate Lesbian Family Building Choices

When you are part of a lesbian couple with no infertility issues, we will oversee a cycle of artificial insemination with donor sperm. You will have the option of selecting a donor from a reputable sperm bank, or choosing a known sperm donor. Our New Jersey infertility center is experienced at directing donor sperm IUI so that we achieve the best chance for successful conception.

Women may have trouble getting pregnant due to anatomical or hormonal causes of infertility. Maternal age can add an additional roadblock. Dr. Miller, our board certified reproductive endocrinologist, will identify the cause of the problem and design an effective and affordable plan to achieve pregnancy.

For women who would like a shared pregnancy experience, our New Jersey fertility center offers an innovative choice. Reciprocal IVF enables one partner to donate her eggs, and the other partner to carry the baby.

LGBT fertility options for lesbians include:

Starting Your Family as a Same-Sex Couple

Choosing a surrogate is an exciting first step toward becoming fathers. Surrogacy can seem complex, but our New Jersey infertility center adeptly manages the reproductive process, from donor egg through positive pregnancy. We can recommend the support services you will need during the journey.

Most of the time fertility options for same-sex couples will involve an egg donor and gestational surrogate. When male infertility inhibits sperm production, Dr. Miller and our IVF lab director, Dr. T. Timothy Smith, will conduct a semen analysis and explain contingencies. An absence of healthy sperm need not derail your plans for a family.

Fertility options for same-sex couples include:

  • Fresh donor egg surrogacy cycles
  • Frozen donor egg surrogacy cycles
  • Semen analysis for infertility evaluation
  • Advanced lab services, including ICSI for low sperm counts

Single and attached lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender men and women have entrusted their care to us for nearly 20 years, and we hope to make your family building experience both rewarding and successful.

Contact our New Jersey fertility center for a consultation with Dr. Miller to partner with a team that embraces LGBT families.