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Gestational Surrogacy Specialist

Gestational Surrogacy Specialist services offered in Englewood Cliffs, NJ

Gestational Surrogacy Program services offered in the greater Englewood Cliffs, NJ area

Gestational surrogacy may be the best choice for women who can’t carry a baby due to problems that affect their uterus. Jane Miller, MD, at North Hudson IVF, specializes in helping each woman find the best way to have a baby, including using in vitro fertilization to create an embryo that’s carried by another woman. If you can’t get pregnant and need an infertility consultation, or you’d like to learn more about gestational surrogacy, call the office in Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey, or use the online booking feature to schedule an appointment today.

Gestational Surrogacy Q & A

What is gestational surrogacy?

Gestational surrogacy refers to having another woman carry and deliver your baby. The gestational surrogate, or gestational carrier, is not the egg donor, so she’s not genetically related to your child. She carries an embryo created from your egg and your partner or donor sperm.

Who might need a gestational surrogate?

Dr. Miller performs a comprehensive medical evaluation to determine whether you might need a gestational surrogate. In some cases, other treatments may be an option for overcoming your infertility.

The need for gestational surrogacy often occurs for the following reasons.

  • History of recurrent pregnancy loss
  • Presence of gynecological disorders that have damaged your uterus
  • Medical condition that puts your health at risk if you carry a baby
  • Medical condition that required removing your uterus

A gestational surrogate is an excellent option for women who were born with congenital conditions in which their reproductive organs didn’t fully develop.

How do I find a gestational surrogate?

Although some couples prefer to ask a family member or friend to be their surrogate, many couples work with an independent surrogate. Dr. Miller supports you every step of the way through finding a surrogate and performing the IVF.

Under New Jersey law, a gestational carrier must be at least 21 years old, have given birth to at least one child, and undergo a thorough medical and psychological evaluation. A local surrogacy agency often represents gestational surrogates, and they’re required to have their own attorney.

While the gestational surrogate may choose her own medical care, the intended parents are allowed to pay for her care and living expenses throughout the pregnancy. After the delivery of the baby, the birth certificate names the intended parents as the sole legal parents.

What happens after finding a surrogate?

After you sign a contract with your surrogate, you’ll go through a typical IVF cycle. You’ll take hormonal medication to increase the number of eggs that mature in your ovaries. At the same time, your surrogate takes hormonal medications that prepare her uterus to nurture the embryo.

Dr. Miller retrieves your mature eggs, fertilizes them with your partner or donor sperm in the lab, and after the embryos develop for five days, places one or two inside your surrogate’s uterus.

To learn more about gestational surrogacy, call North Hudson IVF or book an appointment online today.

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